Make Your Organization Chart in WordPress

Do you have a team, business or magazine running on WordPress? Then this plugin can display members of your team in hierarchy, showing designation and bio easily.

What is an Organizational Chart anyways?

Explaining clients about company members and their roles is not always easy. We’ve see grids which is not an obvious way to show levels.  Org Chart Pro wordpress plugin, offers exactly that. Here are few demos

WordPress Users and Org Chart

Organization chart can be created using wordpress users, which means all the existing information can used like user bio, contact info etc. Basically any information related to users can be displayed on chart using hooks and filters.


Considering a real life scenario, any company have different positions in management and certain roles are assigned to each position. There can be multiple employees on same position and they may have subordinates or interns in their authority. 

It may seem hard to explain  how many departments and employees this company might be having and how to reach an employee on certain level. A simple image below can explain alot how it can be achieved effortlessly.


Chart showing users name, position, their image and which department they belong to. 


On clicking name of user, popup is displayed (if enabled under settings), which shows user description and social media icon at bottom. 

Technically any information can be displayed based on user profile. 

Explore more wp org chart pro demos and explore how it can be used for your company or team. 

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