WP Org Chart Pro

Documentation version 1.0

Download and Installation #back to top

After purchasing Org Chart Pro, you can download, install and start using the plugin immediately

How to Download

Go to wporgchart.com admin area and login using your purchase email and password. If you forgot your password, click the link to reset your password

My Account

Login with your purchase email and password

Download the plugin to your computer.

Installing the WP Org Chart Pro Plugin

  • Step 1 - Login to WordPress admin of your website.
  • Step 2 - Go to plugins and add new.
  • Step 3 - Click the upload button
  • Step 4 - Navigate to plugin file in downloads folder, upload zipped file and click install.
  • Step 5 - After the plugin is installed, click the blue button to activate plugin

    After activating you will now see Org Chart in the left menu of your WordPress admin.

Configure General Settings #back to top

  • - Click on Settings under Org Chart menu item on left. As shown in image below:
  • Settings:

    - Screen, as shown below, will open as default settings screen.
  • - In above screen, options as as follows:
  • Default User link:

    It has 5 options:
    • 1. Popup: On click on any node, it will show popup with Display name, job title and bio.
    • 2. WP default Link:
      With this option user link on every chart will be globally set to user profile where all posts by that particular user will be displayed. Link will like this: {domain}/author/admin/
    • 3. Buddypress Profile: (if Buddypress plugin is enabled )
      With this option user link on every chart will be globally set to buddpressy profile of that particular user will be displayed.
    • 4. Custom Link:
      Before selecting this open, custom link value should be set in user profile area. This option will globally set link on each user to custom defined links in user profiles.
    • 5. No link:
      As it says, no link on any user on any chart.
    • Open Link in new tab:

      Select to open links in new tab.

    • Default User Image:

      It has 4 options:
      • 1. Custom image: To use image set in profile area as default image on every chart, select this option.
      • 2. Gavatar:
        This option will pull gavatar image using wordpress default API.
      • 3. Buddypress Profile Picture: (if Buddypress plugin is enabled )
        With this option user image on every chart will be globally set to buddpressy profile picture of that particular user.
      • 4. No Image :
        No image will be set by default on any chart.
      • Allow visitors to print chart:

        Enable to allow website visitors to Print Chart. This option will be set globally unless overridden on individual chart level.

      • Departments:

      • - Screen, as shown below, will open under Department tab on settings screen. Departments added on this screen will reflect on each chart.
      • User Management:

      • - Screen, as shown below, will open under User Management area tab on settings screen. Instead of editing every user to mark as team member it can be done by simply selecting checkbox and pressing button in top right area.

      • IMPORTANT: These settings can be overridden on each chart.

Configure User Settings #back to top

Edit users to enter relevent information which will be displayed on Chart and popup.

Chart Builder #back to top

  • Click on Add New sub-menu under Org Chart on left menu to start building a new chart.

  • FIRST of all, add title and publish chart so that a unique ID is assigned to chart.

  • Now select top level user and clicked on "Reset Chart" button. To start with all users will be added to top level users.
    Note: If you drop-down is empty, then you need to select users under
    Org chart -> Settings -> User Management

  • After clicking "Reset Chart" button, basic chart is build with selcted top level user in previous step and all other users on second level.
    More detailed explaination on each numbered area is as follows:

    • 1. You can start building chart by draging users in heirarchy. Draging and Dropping user to another user will set its level below it.
    • 2. Clicking on cross beside each user will remove that particular user form chart and add it to drop down below, (marked with 2nd arrow , downwards). From there user can be added back to chart again.
    • 3. Selecting user from dropdown from and clicking on "Replace Top Level" button will replace top level user with selected user. Which will shift top level user to dropdown.
    • 4. Departments can be added from here like users. If no department is showing, it has to be added from
      Org chart -> Settings -> Department
    • 5. Quick Save will save current progress of chart without reloading. It will not save any other settings.
    • 6. User link: To override globally set user link settings, select from dropdown and update chart.
      It has 5 options: Popup, Wp default link, Buddypress profile (if enabled), Custom link, No link.
    • 7. Image Source: To override globally set user image settings, select from dropdown and update chart.
      It has 4 options: Custom image, Gavatar, Buddypress profile picture(if enabled), No image.
    • 8. To override globally set Print chart options under settings, select from dropdown and update chart.
    • 9. Use Shortcode to insert chart in pages, posts or any other custom post types.
    • 10. Print chart option for administrative use at any level of chart building.
    • 11. Publish or Update chart in order to save settings and options.
    • 12. JSON url to access chart. This will only work if chart is published mode. To disable it, set chart on draft mode.

Shortcode #back to top

Use Shortcode to insert chart in pages, posts or any other custom post types.

[orgchart id="x"]

Where 'x' is Chart ID. Shortcode can be found on Chart list, as shown below and also on chart builder screen.

Theme Integration #back to top

To modify chart design or add addditional elements follow these setps

  • 1. Create folder with name "org-chart" in your theme/child-themem, as shown below:
  • 2. Copy content from plugin folder "templates", as show below
    to "org-chart" folder in theme.

  • 3. Modify default.php to add content in individual boxes or popup.

Change Log #back to top

  • Fix: Print chart cutting off fix.

  • Fix: Screen name display on admin pages.

  • Fix: Image upload on Add user screen.

  • Fix: Problem deleting Deparment with space.

  • Add: User management - Filter by User roles.
  • Add: Multiple Chart on same page.
  • Fix: Team member addition form user edit screen fix.
  • Fix: Default settings fix.
  • Fix: Disabled JSON access by default.
  • Fix: Replaced down arrow with icon on responsive chart. Arrow highlight shows which node is active.

  • Fix: Bug preventing to create new charts.

  • Add: span tag to node title for better styling control
  • Add: class added on department nodes
  • Fix: Issue with department names with spaces.
  • Fix: Compatibility issue with Acronix FAQ.
  • Fix: Compatibility issue IE 11.

  • Add: Replaced responsive JS for better control.
  • Fix: Additional fix Popup for responsive chart nodes after 3rd level.

  • Add: Select2 for User and Department dropdowns. Helpful in user search process.
  • Fix: Added scrollbar horizontally, in case chart goes off the page.
  • Fix: Popup for responsive chart.

  • Fix: Popup not working on some installations.


  • Add: Ability to create chart with Top level user and No children
  • Fix: Removed unwanted code


  • Fix: Minor CSS fixes
  • Fix: Position of hook

Support #back to top

For any support query email use at [email protected] with information about order.